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Bellcon CleanShop  Cleaning Supplies

60 Hartnett Drive Seaford, Vic 3198 (opp. Vic Roads) 

Cleaning Supplies 
Covid- 19  Approved Disinfectants in Stock  ready for same day pick up or next day Delivery.
Shop pick up or Delivery charges may apply

Proud Distributors of


TGA Covid approved -        we stock  AGAR Cleaning Chemicals 

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Hako Cleaning Equipment
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"A trusted name in cleaning supplies across the south-east suburbs of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula for more than 35 years"


Chemicals: deodorizers, detergents, degreasers, agitators, atomizers, cleansers, polishes, strippers, sealers, waxes, grafitti removal, laundry powder, vehicle wash, hand soaps, chemical installations and more.


Machines: burnishers, sweepers, polishers, pullman, shadowvac, Rotobic, Electrolux, vacuums, parts, repairs, domestic, commercial,  industrial solutions, demonstrations and more. 


Matting: entrance, foyer, rubber, synthetic, hard-wearing and more.


Paper: toilet paper, handtowel, facial tissue, eco-paper, napkins, vacuum bags and more.


Window cleaning: squeegees, scrapers, sponges, refills, handles, buckets, extensions, rubbers, fittings, glass cleaning chemicals and more.


Mops & Brooms: dustpan sets, indoor, outdoor, scissor, patio, millet, micro-fibre, butterfly, loop, round, coloured, antistatic, refills and more.


Gloves:  latex, vinyl, rubber, flock-lined, surgical, nitrile, pvc, liquid resistant, powdered, powder-free, blue, clear and more.


Accessories: buckets, bins, binliners, 

dispensers, janitor carts, floor safety signs, scrubbing brushes, toilet brush sets, urinal cleaning tabs, urinal grills, bowl cleaners, spray bottles, labels, material safety data sheets (M.S.D.S), cling film, steel wool, foam & paper cups, salon wrap, napkins, scourers, sponges, cleaning cloths, wipes, safety goggles, respirators and more.




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